I love coffee shops and there is something about sitting in a quiet coffee shop in the big bustling city. There are so many adorable cafes to choose from in nyc but here are some of my absolute favorites. They all have their own aesthetics and cool flavors to chose from.

1. Cha Cha Matcha

With multiple locations all over the city, Cha Cha Matcha is a must when visiting New York. As you have probably seen all over Instagram, Cha Cha Matcha is known for its pink and green aesthetic and cute cups.

Bon Athlete Cha Cha Matcha
Bon Athlete Milly Murdock

2. L Room Cafe

This amazing cafe is known for its sparkly lattes and beautiful desserts. Although it is a bit pricy, it is definitely worth it to try one of these beautiful lattes. We went on a Saturday and it took us about 40min to get in… so make sure you put your name in line before walking around the area to go shopping.

Bon Athlete L Room Cafe
Bon Athlete L Room Cafe
Bon Athlete L Room Cafe

3. Sweet Moments

I highly recommend stopping at this cute cafe when visiting nyc. They have the most adorable lattes that are all a piece of art. I was definitely confused when they turned out to be cold lattes but both flavors were very unique and tasty.

Bon Athlete Sweet Moments

4. Urban Backyard

In the midst of bustling Soho, this coffee shop is an oasis for coffee lovers and people in look for a quiet spot alike. I absolutely adore the decorations and *vibe* of urban backyard. I recommend trying one of their specialty lattes like the Ube latte that we tried. It was very different from anything I had tried in the past but super tasty nonetheless!

Bon Athlete Urban Backyard
Bon Ahtlete Urban Backyard Friend Latte
Bon Athlete Urban Backyard Latte
Bon Athlete Urban Backyard Interior

Check out my Youtube video where my friend and I go rate three different cafes all over Manhattan!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and tag me if you end up going to any of these amazing cafes!

– Milly

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